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Renewable Lubricants industrial projects based on waste heat pipe molecular distillation technology

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Industry Introduction
Lubricants derived from petroleum refining, in use, all of the lubricating oil due to contamination, aging deterioration, must be replaced to a certain extent. Waste lubricating oil is classified as hazardous waste UN environment. Through advanced technology and equipment, waste lubricating base oil refining ingredients isolated, and does not destroy its natural oil properties, you can re-dubbed the new oil to use.
Therefore, the regeneration of waste lubricating oil has energy-saving alternative to the economic characteristics and environmental characteristics of the industry exempt waste oil pollution of the environment, the state of the strategic emerging industries to give strong support, such as renewable base oils that levy that is one hundred percent VAT return, income tax relief 90% tax incentives.

Market Analysis
2012 domestic consumption of lubricants over 10 million tons, ranking second worldwide; consumption of lubricating base oil processing 8.7 million tons, of which 2.76 million tons of imported base oil; while in 2012 generated more than 5.6 million tons of waste lubricating oil, such as by 80 % recovery processing, renewable base oils 4 million tons, the output value of nearly 40 billion space.
America's third lubricant from waste lubricating oil regeneration, less than one percent of domestic; recycling of waste oil on the market is currently more than ninety percent of the inflow of soil scattered around the remote refineries for processing failed diesel; serious environmental pollution and waste of valuable petroleum base oil resources.

Technology Introduction
Regeneration technical difficulties there are three: yield renewable base oils;  reproduction quality base oils; does not produce "secondary pollution"
Currently, foreign renewable technology has come to the "fourth generation": molecular distillation + solvent extraction; most of the domestic recycling industry is still a "vacuum distillation + acid clay refining," the third-generation technology; Several introduce American "fourth generation "technology and equipment, but because of domestic oil is too" dirty "and" acclimatization ", no economy has been abandoned.
We use independent original "heat pipe molecular distillation solvent extraction + bi" and "four generations and a half" technique and equipment. After 5,6 years of technical research and development, laboratory testing and small industrial (pilot) test summary, 20,000 / year ton industrial unit was put into operation in early 2013; has a base oil and high yield (up to 81%, the United States 71%), superior quality (up to international class ⅰ base oil standard), process the "three wastes" zero emissions and other notable features.
The project has been in the development process to support the Ministry of Science 2012 "Small and Medium Enterprises Technology Innovation Austrian fund"; has passed the technical appraisal of Anhui Province, in March 2013 by the Ministry of opt-in "industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization of advanced and practical technology Catalog" .

Business case
State Corfu company that specializes in the regeneration of used lubricating oil from the inception of the technology and equipment research and development, was named China National Resources Recycling Association "waste mineral oil regeneration demonstration base." The company's existing staff of 76 people, college degree or above 58 people, mainly by the core team engaged in fine chemical industry, petroleum products for many years of engineering and technical management and sales and marketing in the field of waste oil recycling business for many years staff.
Currently processing 20,000 tons of industrial waste lubricating oil projects have been put into operation, and was named the National Development and Reform Commission "resource conservation and environmental protection central budget for investment in alternative projects"; was listed as Anqing City, Anhui Province and the People's Government "strategic emerging industries project ", to be supported.
State Corfu already established distribution company in Anhui and neighboring provinces 66 industry waste oil recycling outlets; industrial projects: 130,000 tons / year of waste lubricating base oil regeneration (a 50,000 tons / year) has started construction.

Development Plan
1, scale expansion
130,000 tons / year industrial project in two phases from early 2014 to start construction, all built in the early 2016; 2015 -2020 construction of six recycling companies in North, Central, Southeast, 西南布 point, and strive to achieve total processing waste in 2020 oil-scale 440,000 tons, annual output value of 3.3 billion yuan, accounting for the domestic market, 16-20% waste lubricating oil regeneration.
2, R & D cooperation in technological innovation plan Sinopec Beijing Research Institute of Petroleum "waste lubricating base oil hydrotreating renewable technologies and renewable hydrogenation catalyst to create" project; maximize the yield of renewable base oils, producing the highest quality of international ⅱ base oil.