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Company Profile

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Anhui Guo Fu Lubricant Industry Co., Ltd. was established in April 2008, is located in Anqing City should show yangqiao White Deer Hill Industrial Park, covers an area of 56.7 acres, the existing staff of 76 people, the company registered capital of 11,111,100 yuan. Currently the total assets of 67 million yuan.

State Corfu beginning of its establishment that specializes in renewable base oils positioning technology and equipment research and development and processing production base oil; Founded regeneration of waste lubricating base oil research and development center, met with Nanjing University, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, East China University of Technology, China Petroleum University to carry out research and development work related to the regeneration of waste lubricating base oil technology and devices, and made more than 20 invention and utility model patents, intellectual property rights; after 3-4 years of laboratory tests and in 3000 tons / year scale device pilot on the basis of industrialization, 20,000 tons / year scale industrial production plant in June 2013 and the completion of all stability of production. The main products HVI-150SN, HVI-350SN renewable lubricant base oil all indicators have reached or exceeded the national standard.

In recent years, the country Corfu company has undertaken Ministry of Science, Technology Department, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the municipal government and municipal departments multiple projects, and achieved outstanding results. The company has won the Ministry of SME Technology Innovation Fund and Venture Capital Fund project support; Anhui Province Development and Reform Commission "in 2013 to guide the development of strategic emerging industries fund project" and Anqing City Development and Reform Commission "in 2013 to guide the development of strategic emerging industries fund projects "Support; Anhui Province Commission by letter" energy saving and comprehensive utilization of resources special fund project "Support; September 2013, the company received Anhui China innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Division finals startups first prize; March 28, 2013, the Company the "regeneration of waste lubricating base oil technology" was included in the State Ministry of "industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization of advanced and applicable technologies directory" (the first group) (2013 announcement No. 18); renewable base oils provincial Science and Technology Department, "Anhui Province 2012 Key New product "and high-tech products in Anhui Province;'s provincial environmental Protection Industry Association," "; Fu company granted China National Resources Recycling Association is the title of" National demonstration Base of waste mineral oil regeneration, "the title of outstanding enterprises in Anhui environmental Protection Industry ; company received Anqing City Commission by letter identified seven sectors "Anqing City enterprise Technology Center"; "waste oil adsorption technology based on molecular distillation and complex regeneration of new technology," Anhui Province scientific research "Certificate No. 13-065- 01); company was identified as high-tech enterprises in Anqing City, Anqing City, innovative companies at the same time, 20,000 tons / year of waste lubricating base oil regeneration project has been included in the National Development and Reform Commission of resource conservation and environmental protection, the central budget for investment alternatives. project, the project technical level world leader.

State Corfu people adhering to the "pursuit of excellence, innovation and development" business philosophy of continuous innovation, technology as the core, depending on the quality of life, from the user to God and dedication to the community to provide the highest price, the best quality products and services. Extensive search for a strategic partner, joint development of recycling economy, innovation for China's economic development and make greater contribution.

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