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Regeneration of waste lubricating oil lube base oil test report
According to the Ministry of Finance. State Administration of Taxation document Cai Shui [2011] No. 115 "on the adjustment of products and services to improve resource utilization VAT policy notice", the center 2013 年 4 to 7 March for Anqing Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Shaoguang HVI50 lubricants base oil samples tested with the following results:
One. Principle of the lubricating base oil regeneration
The base oil is made of 100% recycled waste mineral oils as raw materials to produce lube base oil, the principle is the contamination of the lubricating oil impurities and aging deterioration of ingredients all separated, so that oil recovery lubrication function. Akimitsu Anqing Petrochemical Co., Ltd. a "heat pipe + molecular distillation solvent extraction technology" to build a 10,000 tons / year of waste lubricating base oil workers regeneration of device, the main equipment for the "heat pipe molecular distillation", "swirl flash fabric a film reboiler heat pipe evaporator ", NMP (N-methyl pyrrolidone) extraction and recovery. Currently have safe and smooth operation six months. Distillation of high efficiency, no "secondary pollution", oil futures closed higher Boring foundation, good quality, simple operation, low energy consumption and less investment and other notable features. NMP extraction using refined (domestic first) base oil quality renewable technologies fully meet the refined petroleum, petrochemical Ⅱ base oil standard.
Two. Waste lubricating oil added here:
Waste lubricating oil from a storage tank through the pump directly into all production processes are carried out in the control room.
Three. Renewable base oil quality and unused oil production base oil HVI150 lube base oil samples:
Upon examination, the production of lubricating base oils meet the Q / SHR001-95 "lube base oil" in HV T150 No. standards, and with the unused oil production base oil HV T150 No comparative test results more consistent . Detailed inspection report (Report No. wZJ2013 an H-0374, WZJ20l 3 a H a 0375).
Four. In conclusion:
The base oil is made of 100% recycled waste mineral oils as raw materials to produce lube base oil, its production in line with fiscal [2009] No. 163 "on the comprehensive utilization of resources, and other products to add value-added tax policy notice", renewable lubricants base oil in line with Q / SHROO1-95 "lube base oil" standards.