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Anhui Guo Fu Lubricant Industry Co. founder, chairman and general manager Li Shulong

Heartfelt thanks to care about each and every friend Anhui Guo Fu Lubricant Industry Co., because your trust, your concern, your support, the company is able to develop entrepreneurship, innovation and development, and efficient development.

Anhui Guo Fu who establish a "unity, dedication, innovation, integrity," the entrepreneurial spirit, the attitude has been to pioneer, developed the successful development of the international advanced level waste lubricating base oil regeneration of new technology, new technology, the State Ministry of the waste lubricating oil regeneration approved as the preferred base oil industry to promote the technology, production capacity to meet the design level, quality meet or exceed national standards, the project was listed as in Anhui, Anqing City, the emerging industrial projects.

Looking to the future, people will be more Anhui country Corfu remarkable gesture, the value of honor, trust passed to employees, to equality, sincerity, win-win passed to strategic partners, the high-quality products, sincere dedication to the community, trying to compose the development of circular economy a new chapter!

- Li Shulong