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Organizational Structure

The Company is a joint-stock enterprise, general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board, currently serves as the chairman and general manager. Companies with the Ministry of Finance, Marketing, Technology, Production, Quality Management, Safety and Environmental Department, Engineering Center.

The company was established at the beginning, namely the establishment of a modern enterprise management system to manage the business, to attract and practical, everyday behavior and effective management philosophy and management system standardization of enterprise; introduction of competition mechanism to maintain a passionate and dynamic management team; superior the conditions to attract technical talent, and related universities, research institutes to establish cooperative relations, grasp the development trend of the industry-related technologies enable enterprises in research and development has always been an industry leader technology in an effort to build the company into one of technology and research innovative enterprises.
Modern enterprise competition, in the final analysis is the talent competition. When it comes to talent, the cornerstone of our first thought is often "white-collar", in fact, enterprise development, needs all aspects of personnel composition, structure, and with a reasonable talent, is the protection of corporate health, long-term development. Foreign data indicate that the technical level of workers increased by one grade, labor productivity can be increased by 10% -20%. Therefore, in the fierce competition in the market must pay attention to all kinds of people, rational use and retain qualified personnel. When companies have these useful talent, companies in the fierce competition in the market will have a self-confidence.
The inception of the company, namely the introduction of talent put on a strategic level, the company's development plan, with an open attitude to the introduction and use of the company's operations, play a key role in the development of staff, takes good care from their daily lives, from career the incentive to protect the people from all aspects, give full play to the role of talent.