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Corporate Culture

 Since the day of Anhui Guo Fu Lubricant Industry Co., Ltd., began to build their own corporate culture system. While corporate material development, uphold the fine traditions of the Chinese culture, and with business reality, adhere to the "people-oriented" as the center and the core of enterprise culture, firmly establish the core values of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the development of the exploration distinctive characteristics of corporate culture to adapt to the new era.

First, the company aims:
Innovative enterprises to create wealth wealthy people contributing to society
Second, the company spirit:
"Unity,, dedication, innovation, integrity"
Three, employees ethics:
1, Life criteria: self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, self-
2, Code of Conduct:
(1), love the motherland, protect the company, Zhong own, music and dedication;
(2), school culture, drilling business, talking about science, class struggle;
(3), polite, stressing unity, respect for teachers long, disciplined method;
(4), ground greening, heavy health, security sources, the United States Environmental;
(5) easy customs, excellent fertility, yet thrifty, building civilization.
Fourth, the company philosophy:
1, the value of philosophy: "social, corporate, employee benefits agreement";
2, industrial philosophy: "stronger and better products, leading the industry market";
3, innovative concept: "Today is not innovation, tomorrow eliminated"
4, the family philosophy: "The company is my home, thriving on everybody";
5, employment philosophy: "Let employees and enterprises has grown";
6, learning philosophy: "lifelong learning, team learning";
7, security philosophy: "To secure, understand safety, grasping security";
V. lifeline: "Environmental protection first, quality first, safety first."